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2/1/2018 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 2/1/2018 12:10:51 PM CENTRAL
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Modlin joins GMVH as Security Director

Keeping patients, their families and staff safe is the top priority for Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare. Local and national events show that even small towns can face big challenges.

As part of a new approach, GVMH recently added a full-time security director. Chris Modlin began his new role in December.  He is a familiar face in the Clinton community. He served with the local police department for 17 years as a patrol officer, detective, patrol sergeant and administrative sergeant.

A long-time public servant, Modlin views his new role as a way to help the hospital and clinics with safety needs.

“We have to find balance,” Modlin says. “We need to be open around the clock to help patients, and we have to maintain a safe setting for those patients and our employees.”

Modlin says finding that balance will involve changes to the facility and the way staff train. Training will provide current security personnel with clear direction for every day and emergency situations. Planned building changes include limiting where people enter and securing doors as needed.

A successful security plan will educate local law enforcement and GVMH staff on the roles and capabilities of each team, he says. “Our goal is to build a strong working relationship with open communication.”