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2/6/2018 12:00:00 AM CENTRAL
Updated: 2/6/2018 10:15:38 AM CENTRAL
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Woodland joins GVMH as Director of Volunteer Services

Volunteers play a critical role in the patient experience at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare. They are found at each entrance and throughout the hospital, clinic and outpatient treatment service area - sporting beige jackets and smiles. This team of all-stars has a new leader with plans for stepping up their already impressive game. Sonya Woodland joined GVMH as the Director of Volunteer Services in January.

“I love volunteers and the opportunity to work with good people,” says Woodland. “I’m excited for the opportunity to grow the auxiliary.”

Woodland is a familiar face at GVMH. She has raised her family in Clinton along with her husband, Dr. Richard Woodland, a physician at GVMH. Woodland has also served on the planning committee for the Hospital Foundation’s annual fall benefit.

Woodland says volunteers will start going through the same orientation program as new employees to familiarize them with available services. She hopes educating volunteers on all that GVMH offers will help them feel accepted into the GVMH family and have ownership in the organization.

Overall, her main goal is to make sure volunteers are appreciated.

“We have the best volunteers,” says Woodland. “They come from the surrounding community and choose to spend their time with us. I want to be sure we thank them as an organization and as patients.”

Woodland offers a reminder that the auxiliary is always looking for new volunteers.

“Retired nurses, friends and family; we would love to have them,” says Woodland. “The specific credentials that individuals have add to our range as a service.”